SCAT 1776cc Long Block
New Zero Miles
  • Scat VW Zero mile dual port long block engines are a perfect high performance alternative to OE long blocks. These engines feature quality products and durability in mind. If you want guaranteed performance delivered to your engine bay, do not hesitate buying one of these Scat long blocks.
  • Warranty: 30 day/1000 miles


  • 8 Dowel Pin Counterweight Crankshaft

  • 12.5 lb. Lightweight 8 Dowel Pin Flywheel

  • Chromoly 1.25 Rocker Arms (Solid Rocker Shafts & Swivel Valve Adjusting Screws)

  • Chromoly Gland Nut & Thick Washer

  • SCAT Lightweight Racing Lifters

  • SCAT Stainless Steel 5 Tab Valve Covers

  • New DogHouse Oil Cooler

  • Chromoly Connecting Rods