Nick Crews Radical '68 1776

This months featured car isn't just some ordinary bug, but a decked out 1968, with all the things that dreams are made out of.

Nick Crews explains:

"I first acquired this Car for my 16 th Birthday back in 2001. I drove the car through high school and I eventually crashed it 2yrs later. My dad bought the car from me and planned to restore it as a show car. I watched him re-build and transform the BUG to what it is today and was shocked when it was given back to me for my 22 nd Birthday. This Car has way too many upgrades and features to list but it could not have been completed without the hard work of my Dad David Crews. "


ENGINE: 1776 CC with Weber Progressive Carb, BMD Serpentine System.

PAINT: House ColorPearl Blue with Pearl White Flames Done by FINSH LINE, Fresno CA

INTERIOR: Purchased from SEWFINE, and Installed by my dad Dave Crews.

STEREO: Installed by my dad Dave Crews.

TIRES/RIMS: Front Disc Brakes and 15” Riviera Style rims with 135 Tires in the Front and 195 Tires in the Rear.

BODY: Features all older style fenders, Deck Lid, Hood, Lights, Bumper and Mirrors.

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