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Services for Your Volkswagen Clutch

If you drive a manual transmission VW vehicle, you may have noticed over time that there are many common clutch problems. The clutch disc in your vehicle has a friction material and both sides, similar to the lining on your brakes. When this material wears out, you can experience slippage, which is dangerous. It is important that you bring your car into Bugformance Motorsports at the first sign of slipping. We offer San Jose Volkswagen service and performance parts for all your repair needs.

Some of the warning signs that your clutch may be slipping include the following:

  • Your engine starts revving when you start or accelerate
  • Your vehicle's fuel economy has started to decline
  • You begin to need to downshift more often on inclines
  • Your clutch requires more pressure or feels stiff
  • Your clutch pedal is difficult to adjust

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